In Norway, all golf clubs but one are organized within the Norwegian Golf Federation (NGF). NGF is the third largest federation within Norwegian sports. With a total of circa 129,000 memberships in our 172 member clubs, the federation facilitates golf offers regardless of age, skills and preconditions.

NGF has the responsibility and authority to develop the Norwegian elite golf through the national teams and age-specific teams (13-19). The federation translates the Rules of Golf, funds research for better turf and a better environment and maintains the handicap system. NGF reports to the Golf Assembly consisting of representatives from the golf clubs.

If you want to come to Norway to play golf, keep in mind that most Norwegian golf courses are products of the environment and the Nordic climate. On the south-west coast, you can play some of the courses all year round, but for most courses, the season starts in April/May and ends in October/November depending on when the frost sets in.

Although Norway in many ways is a small country the distance from south to north is considerable. With a three hour flight from south to north, visiting golfers are well advised to plan ahead which courses they would like to visit.

NGF will not recommend any courses above others, but there are a number of courses that stand out, both in relation to the beauty of it's surroundings and the quality of the golf course.

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